"If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."

  • Welcome to my Academic Profile page,  My name is Bakhtiar Qader Aziz.
  • BSc., Salahadden University, Engineering Geology
  • MSc., Mosul University, Seismic reflection interpretation.
  • PhD., Sulaimani University, 2D Resistivity Tomography.
  •  1 Book (in press) + 21 Jour. Articles + 2 Conf. paper + 54 Geophysical Reports.
Mobile: (+964) - 7701424847

Geophysical Study of "Ganau lake" basin in Rania area.
    I teach several topics at my Faculty, i.e.:
  1.   Introduction to Geophysics
  2.   Ground penetrating Radar
  3.   Advanced electrical method

     My research interests focus on:
  1. 2D resistivity imaging.
  2. GPR surveying.
  3. Seismology study.
  4. Gravity and magnetic studies.
  5. Seismic reflection interpretation.