Academic Activities

I am heading the Core Research Facility (CRF) at School of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences:
  • Administrative Team: Mrs. Niyan and Mr. Mohamed
  • Scientific Committee Members: Dr. Ari Sami, Dr. Kawa Abdulla Amin, Dr. Sherko Omer, Dr. Tariq Taga, Dr. Sana Dlawer, .... et al.
  • Laboratory Facilities: The laboratory have all core¬†instruments¬†needed for an ordinary research project, covering molecular biology, immunology, pathology, microbiology, cell culture.
  • We are aiming to get new location within the campus after renovation and this is an ongoing process right now.
  • Currently, we do have 20 people (MSc students, PhD students and Academic Staff, such as lecturers and assistant Professor) performing an active research at the site. The capacity could quickly increases when we have moved to the new location.
  • Here is the future map of our facility: