Research & Supervision

Currently, I am working as a team, supervising 20 scholars, on the following projects. The research results are in process for manuscripts at various stages, some of them ready to submit for publications: 

1. 56. Hussain, A., Hamasy, A., Mohammad, D.K, Gustafsson, M.O., Nore, B.F., Mohamed, A.J., and Smith, C.I.E. (2015) Role of N-terminal region in the regulation of SYK-fusion kinases ITK-SYK, BTKSYK and TEL-SYK. Manuscript, to be submitted to The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

2. 55. Rasheed, K. M., Rashid, B.M., Mohammed, M.O., Khoshnaw, N., Rashid, N.G., Karim, D.O., Safar, B.M., and Nore B.F. (2015) Detection of a Single JAK2-V617F Mutation Allele in Suspected Patients With Myeloprolifrative Neoplasms (MPN). Manuscript, to be submitted to Journal of Sulaimani Medical College.

3. 54. Mahmood, M.A., Rashid, B.M., Ameen, K.A., Ramze, Z.H., and Nore, B.F. (2015) Correlation between Serum Tryptase Levels and Disease Severity in Asthmatic Patients in Sulaimani Governorate. Manuscript, to be submitted to Journal of Sulaimani Medical College.

4. 53. Saeed, R.H., Abdul-Rahman, Z.A., and Nore, B.F. (2015) Molecular Analysis Of Mitochondial MTTL1 gene and Biochemical Serology in association for Coronary Heart Disease in Kurdistan Region. Manuscript, to be submitted to JZS-A.

5. 52. Najad, N., Ramze, Z.H., Saeed, A.H, and Nore, B.F. (2015) Diagnostic/Prognostic Values of Elevated Serum Vitamin B12 Levels for Cancer Perditions. Manuscript, to be submitted to JZS-A.

6. 51. Nadir, T.J., Ramze, Z.H., Rashid, B.M., Mahwee, T., and Nore, B.F. (2015) Correlation of Serum Tryptase Levels with Healthy Obese Individuals and Co-morbidly Obese Patients in Sulaimani Governorate. Manuscript, to be submitted to JZS-A.

7. 50. Mohammad, D.K., Ali, R.H., Turunen, J.J., Nore, B.F., and Smith, C.I.E. (2015) B Cell Receptor (BCR) Activation Predominantly Regulates AKT Associates Motifs Phosphorylation of Proteins Related to RNA Processing. Manuscript, to be submitted to PLoS One.

8. 49. Mohammad, D.K., Nore, B.F., Gustafsson, M.O., Mohamed, A.J., and Smith, C.I.E. (2015) AKT/PKB Attenuates SYK and BLNK Activity through 14-3-3 with Impaired Nuclear Translocation of SYK via Importin 7 in B cells. Submitted to The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

9. 48. Ali, D., Mohammad, D.K., Mujahed, H. Jonson-Videsäter, K., Nore, B.F., Paul, C., and Lehmann, S. (2015) Anti-leukemic effects of APR-246 can be enhanced by inhibiting the protective response of the Nrf2/HO-1 pathway through inhibition of PI3K and mTOR in AML cells. Submitted to British Journal of Haematology.