Academic Activities

Academic Activities

1-Attended and actively participated in The Capacity Building Workshop on "Quality, Project and Change Management, Lean Administration and Ethics" held by WZL RWTH Aachen University and UNESCO, Doha, Qatar. Mar. 16-20 /2014
2-Attended the IIE conference and successfully completed the training workshop on "Building Academic Research Capacity" held by Institute of International Education, Erbil, Iraq. Feb. 3-5 /2014
3- Attended and participated in the workshop on "Stem Cells and Molecular Biology New Insights into New Horizon" held by School of Medicine, Sulaimani University, Sulaimani, Kurdistan, Iraq. Jan. 28-31 /2014
4-Attended the 1st International Scientific Agricultural Conference held in Faculty of Agricultural Sciences/ University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region-IRAQ.
Nov. 20-21 /2013
5- Attended and successfully completed the British Council UK-Kurdistan best practice workshop on "Internationalizing Higher Education" held by British Council, Erbil, Iraq.
Nov. 3-5 /2013
6- Attended in the "Celebration of the 237th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America" in Erbil, Iraq. July 3 /2013
7- Attended the IIE conference and successfully completed the training workshop on "Student and Faculty Evaluation and Assessment" in Erbil, Iraq. June 25-27 /2013
8- Attended and participated in the workshop on "Determining Priorities and Strategic Goals of Biodiversity" in Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region-IRAQ. June 19-20 /2013
9-Attended in the conference of "We should all be solicitors of the environment" in the University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Iraq.
10- Attended the Care of Elderly Medicine Symposium held by Faculty of Medical Sciences Sulaimani University, Kurdistan Region-IRAQ. Jan. 10 /2013
11- Participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on "Higher Education Exchanges" Organized by United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. U.S.A Sep. 10-28 /2012
12- Participated in Two days workshop on (IT Solutions for UOS Database system held by Sulaimani University, Kurdistan Region-IRAQ. Aug. 27-28 /2012
13- Participated in the International Conference on Revitalizing Research in Kurdistan 
Organized by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, KRG- Erbil, Kurdistan region- Iraq. Dec. 14-18 /2010
14- Participated in the Training Course Organized by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Held by DAAD and AGEF Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
May 18-19 /2010
15- Participated in the training course on (School of Management) organized by 
Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Seoul – Korea
Aug. 19-31/ 2008
16- Participated in the workshop organized by AHEAD project Cairo – Egypt.
Jul. 2007
17- Represented University of Sulaimani as a member of City Council Manchester - UK
Apr. 2006
18- Participated in a workshop organized by AHEAD Project 
Amman – Jordan. May 2004
19- Participated in the training course on the methods of teaching University of Salahaddin in Erbil - Iraq.


From January 23rd, 2014 I am appointed as the vice president for Scientific Affairs and Post graduate Studies. The main duties of this office can be summarized in the following points:
1. Preparing annual plans for higher education studies including (Higher Diploma, M.A, and PhD).
2. Giving approval of the scientific researches of Sulaimani University.
3. Conducting scientific evaluation of university degrees and those certificates which were obtained outside Iraq.
4. Arranging and facilitating scientific, academic and administrative promotion for employees of different directorates and organizations inside Kudistan Region.
5. Following up the process of higher education studies in the faculties, schools and colleges.
6. Preparing plans for study leave in the university.
7. Preparing (HCDP) plans.
8. Granting (Diploma, M.A, and PhD) certificates.
9. Various scientific works of Ministry of Higher Education.
From 2005 till Jan. 23rd. 2014 I was appointed as the director of Foreign Relations Directorate in University of Sulaimani, participated in all the activities of this directorate including receiving and meeting the visiting delegations to the University, attending the ceremonies of signing (MoU) s with other universities and representatives of different universities and institutions from different countries. Participating in academic activities held in cooperation with other Kurdish and Iraqi universities such as hosting book exhibitions, supplying materials under my supervision, etc.
since 25-1-2014 i was appointed as vice president for scientific affairs and post graduate studies (

The University of Sulaimani, ever since the beginning of the process of Higher Education Reform, was the leader in applying and stepping forward towards the implementation of the principles of reform in accordance with the road map that was planned by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, including: Quality assurance, Continuous Academic Development and Studying Programs Developing. Other than that the University of Sulaimani was ahead of Kurdistan universities in stepping towards promoting principles of health and safety awareness. To assure the achievement of this goal, the University has founded a new directorate as one of the administrative foundations.

It’s worth mentioning that the University of Sulaimani benefited from the process of Human Capacity Development, which Kurdistan Regional Government considers very important. In this process, a group of lecturers and undergraduate students of this University were sent abroad to study in PhD and MA programs and, upon the completion of their study, they are coming back.

This office now supporting by Dr. Khasraw A.Rashid.)

    Academic Memberships 
  1. Member of Nature Iraq Organization
  2. Member of Biologists Union of Kurdistan-Iraq
  3. Member of the Agricultural Engineers of Iraq
  4. Member of Teachers Union in Kurdistan
  5. Member of Association of Kurdistan Academicians
  6. Member of the Educational Advising Center supported by USAID.


Date:11/5/2010 , University Of Mosul President Office 

Date:9/11/2014 , University Of Tikrit Department Of Administrative Affairs 

Date:20/1/2015 ,University Of Anbar University Headquarter

Date:31/12/2014 , Kurdistan Region Of Iraq Council Of Ministers ,Ministry Of Higher Education And Scientific Research ,Administrative And Financial Directorate Personal

Date:18/2/2015,Kurdistan Region Of Iraq Council Of Ministers ,Ministry Of Higher Education And Scientific Research ,Directorate Of Development  And Research

6-No:248 N
Date:28/9/2014,Kurdistan Regional  Government  Council Of Ministers ,Ministry Of Higher Education And Scientific Research ,Faculty Of Science  And Science Education /School Of Science 

7-No:5/23 S
Date:11/5/2015 , University Of Mosul President Office 

Date:20/8/2013, Republic Of Environment Advisor Office 

All About The PhD Announcement

A distinct meeting with the vice President of University of Sulaimani for the Scientific Affairs, about the PhD announcement. 
 During the past years Doctorate study (PhD) study were halt at the University of Sulaimani temporally.  However, this study has been re-announced on Wednesday 12 August 2015 after the ministerial decision to resume PhD study in most of the universities in Kurdistan Region 2015-2016.   The announcement including the Instructions requirements for the applicant and the departments. The department that desires to take the PhD candidates must meet the criteria to take the candidate, and each department must have their own academic staff of the minimum one professor and three assistant professor, otherwise the will not meet the criteria.  For this reason the Office of Information Technology (OIT) media team (Ms. Pave Jamel) has interviewed the Professor. Khasraw Abdulla Rashid, the Vice President for Scientific Affairs for this purpose, and during his interview he has said:   Fortunately most of our university departments are meeting the criteria to take the PhD candidates, as they meets the ministry of higher education requirements without issue. However, there are a few departments which are not entitled to be part of this programme. We have also managed to collaborate between some departments in order to manage the criteria issues and to enroll most students.   The first round of the PhD study merely devoted for those who are working under the Ministry of Higher Educations authority, this is without differentiation between Administrative and Academic staff. We hope this programme will follow and continue to become broader and covers other Ministries in the future.