Research & Supervision

A/ The Following Researches Are in The Process Of Publishing 
1-Using Multiple Linear Regression Model and Ridge Regression for Studying Section Characteristics of Sub-grade Soils from North of Iraq
2-Heavy metal accumulation in Celery from Sarchnar and Kalar in Kurdistan Iraq Region.

B/ I am Supervising An MSC Student From The College Of Agriculture /department Of  Soil And Water Sciences the Title Of The Research  is 
 Waste Water Treatment By Using Constructed wetlands Systems as Physical and Biological purifiers for Irrigation Purpose.

C/ Recently I Prepared A Proposal  For Phd Student Under The Name Of 
1-Phytoremediation Of Waste Water Using Different Algal And Aquatic Micro/Macrophyte   Special For Irrigation Purposes 
2-Characterization Of Oil Quality Regard LDL And HDL Some Summer Oil Crop Species Under Different Climatically Condition And Irrigation At Sulaimany Region