Academic Profile

    Outline Biography
  •  Dean college of commerce / University of Sulaimani.
  •  Lecturer in college of Administration and Economics/ University of Sulaimani

  • 1- Bachelor Degree: Al-mustanseria University /College of Administration & Economics .
  • 2-Master Degree: Baghdad university/college of administration & Economics .
        MS.c Thesis Title:
       The Impact of Governmental Budget deficient On Balance of
Payments deficient in the Developing Countries in 1980 – 1995.

  • 3-Doctorate Degree: Baghdad University/ college of administration & Economics. 
       PhD Dissertation Title:
      Unrequited transfers &its effects on external Accounts
Action in
receiving countries –Egyptian balance of payments case study.




         Asst. Prof. Dr. Narmen  Maerof   Ghafor

            Qualification : Ph.D            Position: Dean College of Commerce            General Specialization: : Economics

            Specific Specialization: International Economics   , Public Finance

            Address: Sulaimanyah , Kurdistan- - Iraq             Email Address:


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