Conference Papers:
  1. international Conference (Prospects for crisis management), "The role of private sector in Kurdistan economic development" -Erbil chamber of commerce & industry/ Erbil- Iraq/ October 9-10/2016.
  2. International Conference  “Rebuilding War Societies: Continuities and New Beginnings, "Promoting sustainable livelihood for Syrian refugees in host communities-case of Iraqi Kurdistan region"/ Center for Iraq studies(CIS) , University of Sulaimani  &  the Felsberg Institute for Education and Research / Sulaimanyah- Iraq/October 17-21  /2016.
  3.    International Conference( 33. German Orientalists' Congress –Asia, Africa and Europe),"Unemployment of graduates : The problem of incompatibility between the graduates of higher education and the needs of the labor market in Kurdistan region - Iraq" Friedrich- Schiller- University of Jena/Jena- Germany/ September 18-19/2017.
  4. International Conference (7th Arab union for sustainable development & environment )," An Economic analysis of the role of media in using green technology in selected countries "/ Cairo-Egypt/ November 19-20/2017.

 Articles in local Journal:
  1. About the Administrational  Reforms in Kurdistan Region, Kurdistani  Nwee  Journal / 2001 
  2. International Economic Groups, Economics magazine / 2003.
  3. The Value of Iraqi currency in the Past, Present & Future / political Economy magazine, Erbil / 2003
  4. About changing the old Iraqi dinar, Gulan magazine, Erbil/ 2003.
  5. The Market & Dinar- Dollar Crisis, Khak Journal, Sulaimanyah/ 2003.
  6. How we see the Iraqi Currency in the Future, komal Newspaper/ 2003.
  7. Unemployment in Kurdistan, Political Economy magazine / 2004.
  8. Federal System & Economy, Political Economy magazine / 2004.
  9. The Inflation in Kurdistan Markets, Jamawar Newspaper/2004.
  10. Monetary Inflation, Political Economy magazine /2005.
  11. The Inflation in Kurdistan Markets, Kurdistani nwee Journal / 2005.
  12. The Future of Iraqi Dinar, Gulan magazine / 2005.
  13. The Economical regulations in Kurdistan, Gulan magazine /2005.
  14. Administrative corruption and Economical Results, Aso Newspaper – 2006.   
  15. Agriculture bank, Political Economy magazine /2007.
  16. Exchanging rate policy, Political Economy magazine /2007.
  17. Agriculture bank, Political Economy magazine /2007.
  18. Children working in Kurdistan, Political Economy magazine /2008.
  19. Social security and its economic impacts, zanko magazine /2009.
  20. Financial Markets,Hawlati newspaper / 2010.
  21. Weekly economic articles in Hawlati newspaper/2010.
  22. saradari  a weakly article in Bass newspaper/2010- 2011
  23. Financial markets and their importanc ,Kaltur Magazine/2012.
  24. The financial crisis in Kurdistan, Kaltur Magazine/2014.