Research & Supervision


  • 1. Add value chain analyses in said Sadq and Sharazur/part 1/ UNOPS /2008     
  • 2. Add value chain analyses in said Sadq and Sharazur/part 2/ UNOPS  /2009
  • 3. Analyzing the reality of small projects in Sulaymaniyah and Erbil - Kurdistan Region - IraqKEDO & CIPE / 2009
  • 4. Measurement and analysis of labor productivity in  Building sector / KRG / 2010
  • 5. Territorial diagnosis tool -sulaimanyah / UNOPS &  ILO  /2011.
  • 6. Reform in the public budget of Kurdistan Region / SWOT analysis/  CIPE & KEDO/2014
  • 7.The impact of changes in the money supply and the velocity of money on the inflation rates in Iraq During the period (1991-2013): measurement & analysis)/Aldananeer Journal /No.(7)/2015.
  • 8.The effects of public expenditure policy on macro- economic equilibrium indicators in Iraq during (2003-2011)/kurdistan Academics Journal/ Third Round,part(B), No.(6), March 2016.
  • 9. Analyzing and testing the causality of the oil revenues instability on procyclcal fiscal policy in Iraq during the period (2003-2014)/ Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani , part (B)/ 2016.
  • 10. Market  and agro value chain assessments  in  Syrian refugees camps(Arbat  , Darashakran , Gawilan)) and host community/ UNDP, ACF , UOS/ 2016.
  • 11.Saving behaviors & Micro finance service in northern of Iraq/UNDP, Oxfam/2017.
  • 12. Analyzing of the reality of small and medium enterprises in Bazian area,Sulaimanyah governorate -survey study/ LAFARGE , KEDO/2017.

MS.c  & Ph.d Supervision

  • 1.Evaluation the effectiveness of monetary policy in reducing inflation in Iraq during the period (1980-2009)/ Iman I.Ismail/2011.
  • 2. The efficiency of fiscal policy in achieving equilibrium & economic stability in Iraq during (1980-2011)/Nigar J.Aziz/2014
  • 3. The impact of concentration commodity & geographical  of exports on the fluctuation of the national export earnings in Iraq/ Hawar O. karim.
  • 4. Impact of  Iraqi  exchange rate policy  on the balance of payments accounts during the period (2004-2013) /Dalia R. Aziz.
  • 5. Analyzing and measuring the impact of trade liberalization on the international competitiveness indicators: the study of a selected sample of countries with special reference to Iraq during the period (2004-2014)/Giana M. Jaza .
  • 6.The impact of non- tariff measures on commodity trade in developing countries with specific referee to Iraq & Kurdistan/ Masoud A. Khalid .